I Suppose: Yoga Injuries, Guides and Ignoring the Obvious

“Honestly, I think I sprained my thumb putting on yoga pants.” I’ve been struggling with a thumb injury for about two months. I have offered up various reasons, a fall, handstand practice, working on a keyboard and in that moment of exasperation, “yoga pants.” My neighbor and I were comparing thumb injuries and to my relief she said she noticed thumb pain when putting on some of her yoga pants.

Think about how you pull on pants or socks or even pick up a box. You slip your thumbs on the inside and your fingers on the outside. Yet, if you want to stretch something, you place your hands inside and pull out. Quick math explains it. My measurements of a 25 inch waist and 35 inch hips clearly make me a size 41 according to he manufacturer’s size guide. Cool. However, that 25 inch compression waist has to slide over 35 inch hips. That’s a lot of stretch. I’m scared of those pants now. They feel great to wear, the waist supports my core, they don’t slide down or have gaps at the waist like some of my others. Culprit or not, I know it’s a struggle to pull them on and my thumb can’t take the aggravation.

There you have it; I hurt myself getting dressed. How often do we ignore things because we think it is “suppose” to work, it’s “suppose” to be safe, it’s just “suppose” to be. Years ago, I had a couple of instances where it seemed my Toyota would just suddenly accelerate. Each time, I brushed it off as my foot must have slipped, another time, I thought, maybe the floor mat caught. the gas pedal. It must be me because this is something that is not “suppose” to happen. In December of 2009, a friend died in a Toyota crash, sudden acceleration. In January of 2010, Toyota did a recall for sudden acceleration. This week explore, what you ignore or have ignored because of “suppose.”

1 – size chart


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