Oh Brother – Chips, a Word, a Song and a Laugh

Two weeks ago, I got a snack box full of Lays Potato Chips. With 13 months of mostly just me in isolation, I got confused. I don’t think I ordered anything and for three days I enjoyed the mystery chips. As I watched the NCAA college basketball play offs, on my 5th bag of chips. I see a dunked basketball and the mystery is solved. My brother sent the chips. He knows I binge basketball and chips. The “bestest” treat.

I planned this post with no idea it was going to coincide with sibling’s day. Grrrrrrrr. My whole point was don’t wait for a day, appreciate your siblings, and post g some null and void photo on social media. I know I sound a bit bitter, but taken as a set, my brother is the nice one. I’m the more distrustful one that glares from the background. I have family and friends and I am most fortunate that my brother is both. I have the “bestest” brother. He has the “bestest” wife. Siblings can have word, an image or a thing that describe a whole experience. When together, we’ve been known to look at something and break into song. I’ve seen my nephew do it too; “Chiclets.” That word or expression that has a whole story for them and yet is meaningless to everyone else.

This week give thanks for friends and family. Consider if there is word, a picture or things that you have a whole story behind and smile with fond memories.

Yes, I ate 48 bags within a week and it should be no surprise. Follow the clues from previous posts 🙂 Don’t ask me why I saved the empty bags…..13 months in relative isolation with a lack of supervision.

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