Night Befalls Us: Hammer Time

My dad used to sleep with a hammer in reach. He had a nightly routine. Check to make sure all three doors with entry to the house were locked, latched and that his hammer was on his nightstand. He did not own a gun but needed a weapon for protection should an unwelcomed intruder enter under the cover of night. When Kenneth Walker heard the door of is home being busted open, he reached for his weapon and fired a shot to warn the intruders. The Louisville police returned fire with 22 rounds leaving Breonna Taylor with 8 bullet wounds dead. The news reports say police had a warrant for a drug dealer; missing from the headline? Police enter wrong home and kill unarmed woman. Alas, the media portrayal leads the listener or the reader to discount the incident, “oh the boyfriend was dealing drugs”

Taylor and her boyfriend, Walker, were asleep in their bedroom when police in plainclothes and unmarked vehicles arrived at the house looking for a suspect who lived in a different part of the city and was already in police custody. There were 2 search warrants issued that night Kenneth Walker and Breonna Taylor names weren’t on either. 

My dad at 77.

My dad, if he were, he still alive would be 99 on Sunday and this, would kill him. He’d worry to death about the safety of his family. This post was not supposed to be a repeated theme of racism and the death of an innocent back person; but damn y’all.¹ I heard Tara Nicole Nelson speak on a reset this week and she said, “you can’t set a goal with doubt and expect to get it. You can’t set a powerful intention form a disempowered place.” This week, consider setting a powerful intention, for peace. Commit to seize any opportunity to speak up and promote justice. Let this be the turning point and together we move forward with peace, happiness and joy.


¹ Man blocks black delivery driver in Oklahoma neighborhood



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