Who Amongst Us: Passerby, Super Hero and Hummanity

Market & New Montgomery

Ugh. The Humanity. A young man laying in the street on New Montgomery and Market huddled in a green sleeping bag. Cars going around him when necessary. People looking at him with concern but moving on. I stopped and asked him several times to move and explaining why. He didn’t feel good and maybe he wanted to die. I asked him to kindly to just ‘roll to the curb’ if he did’ want to get up. Finally I told him I was calling 911 to get him help. He was pissed but not aggressive and when he heard me talking to dispatch went on his way across the street. So sad. Sad that no one helped him, although I could see many people thinking about it. Sad that people watched what I was doing as if it was freakish. Sometimes I hate what SF has become. Just venting my friends.

What would you have done? I got this text from a friend Wednesday at 8:24 am Wednesday morning. I was at my desk, sipping a cup of hot coffee beginning my work day. In a clam, nonjudgmental manner, I acknowledged that I know myself, I would have done nothing. The image would haunt me, I might google later in the day for a news report; but, I am a passerby.  If I saw someone act as my friend and try to help, I would mouth thank you from across the street.

My friend’s super power is humanity and action. It seems trite to say, be kind to all; but it is relevant. That flustered person may have just intervened and stopped an act of cruelty; you don’t know. You don’t have to be the person that comes to the rescue, let’s face it, most of us aren’t, but give a moment of thanks to those who are. This week, think about super heroes. They only reveal themselves when needed, then blend back into the crowd. If you think about it, not only are they being of service, but their acts might just put a smile on your face and hope in your heart.

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