Birthday Suited


Birthday Suited

All of the excuses over the years I’ve used to explain creases, puffiness, saggy skin or folds of fat when I look in a mirror do not apply. I have to admit, it can’t all be bad lighting, a bad angle or a messed up mirror. I am not tired, dehydrated or out of shape, I am 61. Period. It’s the aging process and I accept it. This week consider, the birthday suit  challenge. Yes, photograph yourself in your birthday suit¹; that means naked. If you are thinking, no way, perhaps this is a good time to ask, what is it that you fear now about taking a photo that is going to look better, be better, improve  in 10 years? Think back to 10 years ago, do you have the same concern now? If yes, let it go, it’s not getting better with time. Appreciate and love your body now without conditions. Is your concern different from 10 years ago? Consider, in 10 years,what worries you now will not be a concern.² Love your body, in 10 or 20 years from now, you’re going to realize how good you looked. Let your future self give advice to your younger self now. By happy and appreciate what you have, forget the one day, some day, it’s today and love the skin you’re in.


¹No retouching or editing was used in the photo. It did take me and the camera remote 10 frames to get a “decent” shot.

²Past Body Concerns: one knee is higher than the other, well one leg is actually longer than the other, gums aren’t an even color, thigh circumference is the same as waist size, abs are lopsided, arms look veiny, the list goes embarrassingly on, but reminder that what may seem problematic now will disappear in the future, so why worry.





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