Stay, Upgrade or Replace

Our devices tell us when to upgrade, when our performance is lagging and when we will no longer be supported. It’s not planned obsolesce to make money. There is a time when new technology can enhance performance (camera technology) and solve problems (thumbprint security). Basically, we know when things are ok, when to upgrade and when to start over. Likewise, applications that run on this platform determine when it is no longer feasible to support older versions. 

“Scrap it, start over, time for a new product,” were the career limiting remarks I kept to myself as I listened to justification and idiosyncrasies of a process that in my mind, no longer addresses a business need. Like a sputtering old car being held together with duct tape with a tail pipe dragging on the ground and the smell and sound of an engine about to blow. Something that once worked has morphed into a hot mess. But, why can’t anyone see it, or maybe they can but fear the time and cost of rethinking, redoing, reinvention?

What are your indicators that is it time to let be, upgrade or start over? Seriously look around, are there things in life that need to upgraded or replaced. It’s about the goal. Not sure, look an object, a process, a situation and ask is this supporting a goal? If not, why not? Does something need to change?


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