Orange Juice, Toothpaste and the Cerebral Palate Cleanser

You think, “Yuk, that doesn’t taste right.” Then you remember, certain food combinations  (orange juice after brushing your teeth –  cringe)¹ destroy flavors. Hence, the value of a palate cleaner to remove food residue, and competing flavors; enabling you to fully experience your food without the yuk. A weekend is a cerebral palate cleanser.  It neutralizes the typical daily routine, stress and tasks of a job.The weekend is the time to do something else. Be with a different group of people, do a different activity in another place. Your days off may not be a Saturday and Sunday or you may still have other commitments that take up your time. Regardless, you still need time off to reset and regroup. You need the cerebral palate cleanser. Take a break, it’s not being indulgent, it’s a necessity. Not taking time off regular time off is  orange juice after brushing your teeth.¹ Realistically, you might have to do a few work items on the weekend; but, don’t make it your default where you automatically allocate work tasks for your time off. Find the balance and take the time to remove the work residue. Free your mind, have some fun, balance work and life.



¹If you have not experienced this total destruction flavor, try it to experience your brain on overload.

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