A Neurotic Dilemma: Celebrations, Birthdays and Why

I had role models for my neurosis. When my Dad died, my mom routinely said, “I’ll be dead in a year, you know when one spouse dies the other dies within a year.” A few years later, my mom was deeply concerned and sad; she was still alive. “Does this mean I didn’t love your father enough?” But, don’t think it was just my mom, my Dad moved into the garage to experience poverty. As a child, I struggled with the  existential crisis, how to celebrate mother’s day balanced with my dad’s birthday. These two events typically occurred within the same week. Here I am doing it again; fifty years later. Mother’s Day is Sunday and my Dad’s birthday is Thursday. Can I write a post that honors them both?

The voice of sanity is my brother. He has a way of asking why? It’s a melodic comforting voice that turns why into two syllables. As to why I need to write a blog post about both of them, I have no good reason. I am choosing to make something complex. I’m piloting a new process at work and for the last month, I’ve watched people try to make an easy, straightforward process hard. Now, I find myself doing the same thing. Like seeing a parking space right in from of a restaurant, but thinking, no, that’s too easy, must be a loading zone. So for this week, are you making something difficult? Are you looking for the cosmic joke and not taking the gift in front of you? Why?


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