You don’t know what you don’t know: How do you learn?

If you don’t know, what you don’t know, how do you learn? Follow me here. In the realm of knowing versus don’t know, there are 4 possibilities.

1. You know what you know
2. You know what you don’t know
3. You don’t know what you know
4. You don’t know what you don’t know.

And that last one is dangerous. You don’t know what you don’t know. You see some crazy stuff in the workplace, someone is dressed totally inappropriately, someone says something that makes you question their suitability for employment and the list goes on. You don’t know what you don’t know. It’s your personal blind spot. This highlights the need for mentors; having people around who you trust and respect AND are willing to enlighten and impart knowledge to you. They leverage teachable moments with you.

There is a lot of stuff I don’t know and I know I don’t; this includes a long list of things, I don’t want to know or need to know. What you don’t know you don’t know is for things that are important to you. So, when was the last time someone told you something you didn’t know you didn’t know? Think about that and this week, notice if this happens. If it doesn’thappen at all, consider, do you need to increase your circle? Just in case you don’t know, for the people who are there to tell you what you don’t know, you don’t know, be thankful.



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