The Big Picture

Off the Grid: The Lot 12th & Broadway Oakland CA

Is it that obvious? I’ve walked by this fence more than 150 times. I took pictures of artwork in October. Yet, it wasn’t until last Friday night, when my friend Audrey was driving me home that I realized, there were letters, there was a name, “The Lot.” How did miss it? When I took the photo, I was too close. When I walked by, I was in motion. Stopped at a traffic light, marveling at the city nightscape, the writing was clear. We often hear, look at the big picture. What does that really mean? Step back, relax and take a different approach. Look for the patterns, look for the disruptions.  What does it tell you? This makes me wonder, what things have I missed that were glaringly obvious that I missed because I was either too close, or that I didn’t stop to notice? This week, what can you stop and observe. Pause and ponder a stance diametrically opposed to yours. It doesn’t mean your view changes, it means you see something you haven’t seen before; you see the big picture.


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