Navigation and Lost Signals: Are We There Yet?

It is midnight and after a tense 15 minutes of driving a painfully slow 20 miles per hour on a long dark winding road, three heart pounding encounters with startled deer and a 3 point turn that turn into a8 points of panic, I’m, literally, on the road again.  I was driving in the pitch black night on a strange road with no street lights or moonlight anxiously awaiting Siri* to tell me  to turn when the road I was on dead ended. Only then did I look at my phone to see I had lost the signal and had no connectivity for my phone navigation,

After reversing my drive, when I could finally get a signal, I quickly sent myself the directions and did a screen capture of the map. Once in familiar place and able to relax, I thought about life, career and what guides us. There are three states. The two obvious ones, we’re where we want to be or we’re on the path to where we want to be. The third, the more elusive is, what if you think you’re on the path, but aren’t? How do you know if you’ve lost your signal? How do you know if you are on a road less taken, or just out standing in a field?

Thought for the week: In life, if you’re not where you want to be, how do you know if you’re lost or just not there yet? Discuss.




*Siri is my iPhone and we have a tenuous relationship. She once told me “you have reached the furthest navigable point by car.  You will need to park and walk.” One might ask, why I still continue to depend on her.


  1. Hi Sheila, I remember that day when Siri basically said, “get out and walk!” I still lol at the memory.

    That said, I think a good way to know if we are on the right path is to be clear about our destination, our end point if you will. So many times we only have a vague idea of where we want to go. I think when we do the hard work upfront of determining our desired destination, it will provide the check point we undoubtedly will need time and time again as we make our way through. I say this as someone who is an avid hiker and who is guilty of sometimes starting my hike and thinking “I will figure it out later.” An approach that is ok, if it is a short hike on a familiar, or a path well known to me. I think we can all agree the life path has too many twists and turns to leave it to chance! A road-map will serve us well as our much needed compass with which we can course correct if needed. Or even better, confirm that we are indeed still on the path to our desired destination!

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