Martin Luther King Day

“Life is too short,” is an over used, misguided cliché of fill in the blank babble. At least from an analytical view. The average lifespan for American men is about 76 years and for American women it’s around 81 years. Not that short. You don’t know when you will die, you don’t know the day, the hour or the minute. You could be here today and gone tomorrow. You don’t know when you are seeing someone for the last time. Words are powerful and guide actions. Are you lulled into the solace of rational afforded by misappropriated clichés versus words of wisdom? Martin Luther King said

“Oh, the worst of all tragedies is not to die young, but to live until I am seventy-five and yet not ever truly to have lived.” 

Rather than the clichéd, life is too short, there is wisdom to ask the question, have you lived? What does your life stand for? What’s your voice? The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King died less than three months after his 39th birthday. He lived, he traveled the world, dined with dignitaries and was jailed with protestors. He stood for non violence in fierce opposition to the Viet Nam war, led peaceful protest in a quest of justice for all. His voice was the eloquence of words, the ability to move masses.

He had an incredible impact in those 39 years. His life, his stand, his voice. This is guided his life, this is what remains. Have you lived, what does your life stand for and what is your voice? Namaste.


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