Resolutions? Stop & Consider

New Years Resolutions? Really? Stop. Consider, if it’s a really good resolution, why wait until January 1st to start doing it? Any reason for waiting is probably the reason it needs to be a resolution in the first place. For example, weight loss. Waiting until the first of January because it’s hard to control eating? Is there something magic about January? Will your favorite foods have half the calories in the first of the year? What about waiting until the first of the year to control spending because you want a few more weeks of spending with reckless abandon? Does the change of the month suddenly mean an increase in discipline with money? How about this one? A resolution to stop procrastination, but, you will wait until January to start?

Unless it is time sensitive, you really can’t file your 2014 taxes until 2015, what are you waiting for? The time to do a resolution is when something needs to change, when what you are currently doing no longer serves you, when something isn’t working, when a situation goes from bad to worse. In these cases, why wait until January of the new year to resolve to change anything. If you have to make a list, maybe there is only one resolution you need. It’s a promise to yourself to make changes when changes are needed and not wait.

Happy New Year

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  1. Love it! Any time is a good time to start anew. Thanks, Sheila! (So those resolutions that are already not being met with the new year…well, tomorrow’s as good a day as any to start again!)


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