Happy New Year Cello-bration

Happy New Year. I’m a big advocate of not doing New Year’s Resolutions. If something needs to be done and you are really committed, you do it right away. OK, time for a retraction. The end of the year is that time of reflection, it can be your yearly evaluation. With evaluations, of course there may be a few things that need improvement or things to do more of. These past couple of weeks, with a little time off, I’m reminded of December 2019, a week with the family in DC. There was a conversation over breakfast with my nephew about music lessons. Should he resume piano lesson and I told him, I’ve always wanted to play the cello. Six weeks later, I was taking cello lessons. Happy New Year Y’all, it’s a good time to reflect. See a vision what you want of for 2023. You don’t need to make a plan or anything in this exercise, jus consider what you are passionate about and what you want to make happen. Focus on the YOU Year. I’m doing a little Cello-bration myself.


  1. I love this message and the photos. I do not make formal resolutions but this year I will do more with less ‘purpose’ and more fun memories.

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