Point of View: Infrastructure, Music and Quality of Life

I got a great set of Sonos speakers. These are amazing speakers, connected by blue tooth and controlled by your phone. Everything was great, I set the pair up in the living room, ready for this cool vibe with a view of the bay. Except, I had them on the floor and the sound was not good. Which makes sense, my condo is soundproof with noise dampening courtesy of thick concrete between floors. After trying  various positions on furniture and counters, I broke down. These are not bookcase speakers and need the stands. Logically, I had a hard time. The stands are half of the cost of the speakers. HALF! Oh, but once set up the sound. Jamie Cullum’s Uptown Funk took on a downtown vibe. Seriously this song on an ordinary device, blah. Played in stereo sounds, well, don’t believe me, just watch.  

The stands aren’t necessary like the power cord; but they provide sound quality. Music straight out of a mobile phone speaker is irritating and cringe inducing for me; I’d rather have silence than that assault on my ears. Did you have to create an office, gym or school in your home in 2020? If you did, did you improvise or did you invest? What guided your actions? This week consider infrastructure, needs and quality of life. How do you apply a fiscal justification to spiritual enrichment? How do you balance the two?

Notes on a Photo

I wanted to recreate an ad from the 80’s. I know, right? You had no idea. Anyway, this was harder than it looks and resulted in sore neck and shoulder muscles, but it was the only way I could think of to get the appearance of a gust strong enough to blow hair and hood back. I just rotated that photo and put it beside the speaker. However, it really doesn’t convey was the original ad. I look like I’m in some invisible car. All of this in an attempt to be more interesting than a collection of speakers through out the house.

How I strained my neck and shoulders
Speakers of the House
Ad campaign for Maxwell Stereos in the 80s. I tried and failed to recreate the essence of this with this weeks photo.

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