Critical Thinking: Life Skills

I changed a flat tire Friday and posted a photo on Instagram. There were a couple of comments along the theme of more women should be able to change a tire, a woman can change a tire, wow, etc. I chuckled because it’s not just women who can’t change tire. I know men who have no clue how to change a tire. One a guy decided he was going to “help me” and he had no idea hoe lug nuts functioned or how to use a lug wrench. Another was utterly perplexed by the car jack and he insisted a part was missing. Enough with the “teachable moments.” If you’re not sure you can change a tire, you’re not alone; 60% of the population cannot change a tire. Less than 18% of the population can drive a stick shift. Both of these used to be considered basic skills. It makes me question. what are critical life skills now?

This week, consider what are critical life skills for today. I can change a tire and I can drive a stick, but as far as those being life skills for today, I think not. One that comes to mind, happiness. Happy Holidays.




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