Howl: Full Moons, Sleep and Cycles

I am bouncing around like a lunatic. I mean, even for me, it’s a lot; I got full moon fever. My mind is racing, I can’t settle on a blog topic – the diminishing impact of I never heard of that, rosemary lemonade and the anomaly or the quest for design thinking: please Apple,forget the camera,  give me more battery life so I can get an Uber at the end of a night out. The fact is, I can’t sleep around a full moon. I get energy bursts, ideas, memories and futuries¹. I don’t fight it; I embrace the cycle.

In the world of astrology, however, the fact that a full moon may affect your sleep is no surprise. “The moon controls the ocean (the gravitational pull from the moon on Earth controls the tides of the ocean), and humans are made up of 50 to 70 percent water (depending on age and other factors),” astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Bustle. “Being that the moon controls the oceans and waters on Earth, […] the human body [may be] affected as well by the lunar phases.” As the moon affects the waters on earth, astrology believes it also affects the waters within us.²

What about you? Have you ever considered the full moon might just have an impact on you. What about how you respond to cyclic interruptions? Do you fight it or embrace it? This week, explore your lunacy.




¹In my hyper state, I can create new words, memories are things that have happened and futuries are things to comebecause I say so.


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