March Madness: Leaving Space and Packing it In

It’s a strange thing that happens. When you travel, it’s a but harder to get everything packed back in; even if you don’t have additional stuff to add. But let’s face it, on most trips, you’re going to come back with more than you started with. You soon start to account for this and determine how to have more space. Now, consider your day. Things get crazy when you pack the day full. It’s always going to take more time and you’re going to have spill over if you haven’t put in buffers. Look stuff is going to happen, leave space in your day. Things will get manageable and you leave room for possibility. Have you left space in your life for a chance encounter, a stroke of luck, a random coincidence? Spontaneously have lunch with a friend, grab a coffee with someone new and  take a few moments to sketch out an idea. This week, try space, give yourself some time.  It’s March Madness, NCAA basketball time, there might just be a game you need to watch; give yourself the gift of time.


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