Smoke and Errors

My T-shirt caught fire and burned in the microwave.¹ There probably wouldn’t have been a fire if I’d removed the shirt when the timer went off, but, I was working in another room. Sure, I smelled smoke,  the air has been smokey for 2 days because of the wildfires. Losing the shirt was not upsetting. Neither was the fact I could start a fire in the microwave; who knew? The thing is, I’d normalized danger.  What should have caused immediate alarm didn’t. This week, consider,have you normalized alarms?



¹Why was the T-shirt in the microwave? I’d read the way to kill bacteria in kitchen sponges is to zap them in the microwave. So, I started zapping dish clothes in the microwave to avoid mildew. That works well, no smelly stuff in the laundry basket. Anyway, I’d used a T-shirt to wipe up some water in the laundry room. I wasn’t ready to to do another load, so I thought, let’s just zap it. Who knew, the shirt scorched and incinerated. 


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