Spring Cleaning, Spontaneity and Tip Off

I perfectly planned my three-day weekend with twenty-four hour allocated to do yard work, house work, writing work and a kitchen faucet repair. I , being somewhat anal-retentive, also allocated a considerable chunk of free time to go see Batman versus Superman, Dawn of Justice. Well, I’m down to my last 8 hours and the weeds got pulled, the trash bins got power washed, but the blog post and magazine piece, window washing and grout cleaning are still not done. Maybe my quest for spring cleaning has created my own version of March Madness?

I realize my to do list is like a basketball game with the clock running out. In basketball, players get rotated in and out of the game as a part of strategy and  to fight fatigue and injury. There is half time to allow the players time to rest and the coaches an opportunity to make adjustments according on the game is going. I need to be benched. I need a halftime break a rest from cleaning and take a break from writing. So, this afternoon, spontaneity reigns and  I’m off to watch a couple of games, rest and rethink my writing strategy, So, until next week, let the games begin.

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