Friday in Paris

I have a new memory of Paris now. A great afternoon coffee break with a couple of friends on warm sunny California day changed the moment I checked my Instagram feed and started seeing messages of solidarity and support for Paris. I’ve been to Paris many times and I’ve had great moments.

Watching an Italian film crew shoot a movie near the Eiffel Tower, somehow getting 15 extra minutes in the Musée d’Orsay past closing time and spending an afternoon in one largest Starbucks I’ve ever experience near Notre Dame. Paris is a place where I got lost and I knew enough French to ask for directions, but not enough to understand the response. It didn’t matter; it was Paris.

This week was Paris interrupted. When something happens on this scale, it becomes a part of the community psyche and the world empathizes. We can’t live each day like it’s the last, but we can live each day with hope. Through that hope, may love and joy triumph.



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