March? Let the Games Begin

March 17th! That’s the day the men’s NCAA College Basketball playoffs start. I don’t have a team, I have a history.The year I graduated from the University of Tennessee was the first year the NCAA sanctioned the women’s basketball event.  I was there during the reign of the legendary Pat Summit who has the most wins of any NCAA coach in history. My post college career began in North Carolina. The University of North Carolina and Duke had/have a fierce rivalry, but in the early 80’s University of North Carolina had Michael Jordan.  I lived in Louisville Kentucky and Kentucky is basketball country, with an ongoing battle between the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky. There were two periods when work was at a minimum, Derby week and the basketball playoffs. You didn’t have to worry about sneaking off to watch a game, it was pretty much an office bonding event.

It’s a little different in California. The basketball energy is not as big. This marks the time when I became a technology enabled fan. I have a NCAA app on my iPhone and iPad which allows me to watch games anywhere. To the uninitiated, it looks like I’m staring at my phone going into spasms or driving in my car and having uncontrollable fits. The only thing I suffer from is a  basketball obsession.  I cheer with my virtual basketball family, my cousins Ricardo, Keith and my brother Daniel.

Last year, one team had a 20 point lead and then in a spectacular run, the opposing team tied the game. My brother texted, “We got game.” It’s March madness y’all, we got lots of game.  This year is another mark in my basketball history. I started a blog about the similarities between business and sports. I am an amateur blogger now. Will my blog statistics eventually get me into the pros? Right now, for me and NCAA basketball, it’s game on.

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