Elevator Pitch? What problem do you solve?

Elevator pitches are all the rage. An elevator pitch is the 30 second speech summary used to quickly and simply define a profession, product, service, organization or event and its value proposition. A few years ago, I discovered the best way to do this, so it sounds natural and yields results, is to put this in the context of the business problems you solve.

Think about it a moment, all those adds targeted at you. For the most part, they solve a problem and they tell you the problem they solve. Many not only do that, but they tell you what makes them  uniquely different from the competition. Beauty Balms – what problem do they solve? A combination of products in one cream – anti aging, sunscreen subtle coverage etc. How do some products differentiate themselves, a variety of colors to better match skin tomes, or, all natural ingredient.

Start to craft your speech by articulating the business problem you solve.

As a business speaker, my topics include dealing with people who drive you crazy, collaborating with a worldwide team and virtual business etiquette. I speak from 20 years of personal experience. I deal with workplace mayhem  on a day to day basis unlike many people so called experts on these topics are career coaches, consultants and academics. I want people to understand their business predicaments are not that unique. My guidance offers simple common sense (but not common usage) views and solutions that ease business issues.

Can you identify the business problem you solve and what makes you unique. If you are seeking a position, be ready to answer the question, what d you do. Work this out and practice it.

Here is the framework for an elevator pitch

  1. What business problem do you solve?
  2. What do you do?
  3. What differentiates you from anyone else doing this? Do you have education, experience or a unique point of view?
  4. What is your goal?

Have an example of how you have applied yourself. That way, if someone asks for an example, you dint have to think about it and potentially stumble. Be prepared. If you have a elevator great pitch, people will want to hear more.  If you are launching a new product for a market niche, be prepared to discuss what differentiates you from the competition. If you are actively seeking employment – what is about this speech that engages me, helps me see your enthusiasm and passion. What is your goal?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that over aggressively sweet and sickly and if you hire me you want regret your choice of this most excellent candidate. Be your authentic self but present yourself in a way that brings you to your best light. The elevator pitch is not a one time thing. It is used anytime you find a new position be it a new company or with your current employer.

We’re often told to be successful, you need to network. One component of networking is a good elevator pitch. This is what I mean, if you have a good one – you can clearly articulate the business problem you solve, people will remember it. And when there is an opportunity that is right for you, they can recall what you said and refer you.

It may take you an hour to develop a 30 second elevator speech, after that, even more time to practice it but that is what you will need to make yourself pitch perfect. That elevator pitch, you want it to be relevant, you want it to be you, you want it to be all the rage.

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